Zen Edit

Zen is a fun-loving fourth-dimensional being that loves to document important event's. He is thousands of years old.

History Edit

Not even Zen knows how he came into existence, all he knows is that from the time that he did, he was

fascinated with other's lives. He figured out he could create portals and watch people up close and personal,

and be invisible to make sure he wasn't seen. Once Zen got bored of one world, he'd warp to another,

document all that he saw with his screens. he continued doing this for thousands of years. occasionally Zen

would appear to people or pokemon to help them out if necessary, and still does.

Abilities Edit

Zen is lvl 81,Zen can create portals, that can travel though both space an time, he can also take himself invisible as to

not be seen by others. Zen's attack usually take energy from others type's and combine them to attack, but

he can also use regular attacks. Zen create's screens that follow certain people around and monitor alot of

different area's. This si his method of documenting in more places than one.