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Verum is a Level 141 Luxray, colored strangely reverse to that of his regular form- His fur is gold and white, with purple in places. His eyes are blue, but turn purple then red when activating his demon and eclipse forms.

He's German, both knowing the language itself and having a very thick German accent, though the reason why exactly is unknown.

He's an Archangel, the only naturally born one to ever exist and ever will exist, and is the most powerful being in thea entire universes, according to Darkrai.

Personality Edit

Verum doesn't understand what he really is and doesn't like the responsibility that comes with it. He just wants a regular life, but at the same time wants to rid the world of evil. The way he goes about doing it isn't right, however. He believes that all crime must be punished with death, no matter how small.


Since the beginning of time, a prophecy decreed of the Nephilim, a being naturally born as both a demon and angel, possessing unholy blood, blessed blood, and mortal blood; A creature born of a mortal and demon, and also an angel's reincarnation.

The prophecy decreed that he would either save the world with his power, or destroy it in hellfire.

Verunium Z Edit

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Verunium-Z is a Z-Crystal made specifically for Verum. It is yellow, and lets him use his electric attack- Volt Maelstrom.

It's unknown where or how he gets it.


Verum is Latin for truth, as he is the Nephilim. It's a fitting name for him.

Verum and Pasta can fuse to create Ametrine.

Unlike demons, Verum can control the darkness inside(usually), because natural angel blood tempers that. He is neither good nor evil; but both.