Valohenki is a male, recently evolved Gardevoir who, at age 19, is the oldest member of his team.  A little bit further into the story, he gets a black cloak that he likes (Note: said cloak is unimportant and is there just 'cuz.). LV37


Many guild members- He is widely hated and shut out, since he is a bisexual pervert who wants to make out with almost everything.

Vivi- Valohenki's official girlfriend is Vivi, who has to keep him from going after some other guy or gal.

Almost anyone Valohenki doesn't know- Valohenki wants to make out with almost everyone.  He would probably even try to make out with Luna if he had the chance (very bad idea, by the way).


Valohenki takes jokes too far usually, and he wants to make out with almost everyone and everything.  He is carefree and loves having fun.  If he does get mad, he'd still probably be acting playful while trying to slowly and painfully beat up the one who made him angry.  However, he is not very tough at all and will in, most cases, lack the means of slowly and painfully beat up most Pokemon.

Trivia/Random FactsEdit

- Valohenki was adopted by parents who were a Sligoo and a Goodra.

- His name means "light spirit", which he certaintly has.  However, his "light spirit" is also very, very twisted.