Tick Edit

Tick is a lvl 77 Misdreavus, who is also a demon. Not alot is know about her past, but her father is a demon gengar names Jasper.

Personality Edit

Tick is an insane person, always mumbling something that makes people uncomfortable. As a demon, she has an urge to kill people, but she refuses to kill her the people she calls her friends, even if they hate or attack her. Unique to her only (And a demon named Nightshade) Tick eats most of her victim's, and even her father Jasper think's that's disgusting. Tick is also obsessed with Time, wearing a pair of clock shaped goggle's, a clock pendant, and using time bombs.She is also very skilled in the art of hypnotism without usign the move hypnosis, and she uses this to make other's do her bidding.

Relationships Edit