The Darkling Hivemind is a one shot orb that is shrouded in dark energy. The inside of it contains the energy of a one shot orb along with dark and psychic energy. It has the ability to possess corpses and turn them into mindless drones. It's one and only goal is to kill and possess every living thing in the country. It was created by a team of Black Lance scientist who were trying to create a new and powerful weapon to use.

Darklings Edit

Darklings are corpses of dead pokemon that have been consumed by dark energy and possessed by The Hivemind. These corpses are not able to rot while possessed and can only be destroyed by destroying their brain and their heart. Their appearance is a pokemon with a body covered in dark energy, red eyes, and very sharp teeth. If the corpse is a pokemon with claws the claws become sharper and longer. They also kill all plant life that they touch or walk on, so you can tell if one is close by looking around for pitch black footprints and dead grass around them. There are different ranks for different Darklings.

Darkling ranks Edit

Darkling: Basic possessed corpses that have nothing special about them. Makes up a large about of the Darkling army.

Hunter: Very fast and agile Darklings that are usually sent in first to take out as many enemies as possible before the main army arrives.

Brute: Slow but strong Darklings that are used at tanks. These Darklings are very powerful and can take a lot of attacks before being taken down. Never fight a Brute alone.

Nest Guard: These Darklings are both agile and powerful. They however, do not go out and fight, instead they stay near Darkling nest and defend them from attackers.

Hive Guard: These are the strongest Darklings, they defend The Hivemind from anyone who tries to destroy it.

Darkling Nest Edit

These nest are located within towns, caves, or dungeons. They have been completely taken over by Darklings and are used as a base by them. All plant life within a half mile radius is dead at these nest. Large amounts of Darklings can be found here as well, and they can usually be found in areas near other towns.