Description Edit

The Black Lance is a small group of pokemon that are called terrorist, but are actually rebels. They believe that the nation is in a terrible state and that by taking control of it, they can rebuild it into a better one.

Members Edit

Lord Vortex- A shiny Purrloin that is the leader of The Black Lance. It is said that he is very strong and that his sword is made from the blood of demons.

Scarlet- A shiny Snivy that is second in command of The Black Lance. Scarlet is very strong as well and can move extremely fast, quickly taking out enemies before that can even do anything. The only one who fought against Scarlet and didn't lose was Vallory. Scarlet is not as strong as Lord Vortex though.

Vallory- A Purugly that is in charge of training the newest members of The Black Lance. She is third in command of The Black Lance and is just as strong as Scarlet is. She does not go out on missions often since she has to train new members and get them equipped for missions. She also has a crush on Lord Vortex, but if you tease her about it, she will try to kill you.

Harmony- Harmony is a Ninjask that is in charge of communications between members and bases. She rarely engages in combat and when on missions and serves at a lookout. She also argues a lot with Echo.

Echo- A Flareon that is one of the best ranged specialist in The Black Lance. Echo is an extremely good marksman and usually serves as a sniper when on missions. He wears special googles that have both NV, Thermal, X4 zoom, X6 zoom and X8 Zoom. He also argues a lot with Harmony.

Pulse- A Pachirisu that serves as the lead medic. When a member of The Black Lance is injured, they will get treated by her. Pulse also goes on some missions but like Harmony, doesn't engage in combat unless needed. She is the nicest person in The Black Lance and no one can hate her because of her personality.