Team Starfield Introduction Edit

Hiya! This is the page for Team Starfield.

For now, there are only two members within this team and it's not totally official, but they liked the idea of having eachothers backs.

Members Edit

The current members of Team Starfield are:

Deziree (Axew) - Current Leader

Gyatzo (Pikachu)

Team Formation/Backstory Edit

The team was formed when Gyatzo was taking a stroll into the forest when Deziree bumped into him. Gyatzo wasn't very happy at Deziree, but he kept it to himself and asked her what she was doing. Apparently, Deziree was being chased down by some thieves for her P, but she believes he lost them. After that, Gyatzo helped her to a near town where they agreed to form a team, mainly because Gyatzo was lonely and Deziree was still afraid of the pokemon pursuing him.

Theres obviously much, much more, but I want to keep it a bit secretive, and maybe as people find out more stuff about their past, I will update it. Anyway, thank y'all for reading! Seeya in the RP!