Info Edit

Team Covenant is 1 of the many teams of the Earth Guild. It was formed by the 2 Earth Guild members Scourge the Zoroark and Aqua the Dewott. The team is small and currently has only 3 members, but all members on the team work perfectly together at times.

Members Edit

Scourge the Zoroark: Scourge is the unoffical leader of Team Covenant. He perfers to use items and ranged attacks from far away when in battle. He will only engage in close combat if he needs to. He also invents and creates supplies and items for the team such as armor, devices, weapons, etc.

Aqua the Dewott: Aqua is second in command of Team Covenant. He will rush into battle and assault his enemies with quick and powerful close range attacks. Aqua wields 2 Scalchop weapons called Aqua Knight and Sea Raider. Scourge created these weapons so his partner could have something to deal with powerful and quick pokemon.

Peridot the Noibat: Peridot is the newest member of Team Covenant and she is the team scientist. She relies mostly on her invetions for combat, almost never fighting herself. Most of her inventions are sound based, but she will sometimes use other things in combat. Her main invention she uses in combat is her PDN1.0, or Perry as she calls it. Perry is a robotic Noibat that she has created and he will protect her at all cost. Peridot also has a huge ego, but if you can get past that she's a good individual to work with.