Team Centia is a team of Pokemon in the Earth Guild. They are a very small team, started as just a brother and sister duo. Generally they do have other guild members assist them, the most common being Valohenki.



  • Genevieve is the leader of Team Centia, and generally makes all the decisions for them. She's probably not the best suited to lead, but she does anyway.


  • Corma is in charge of the team, alongside his sister. He usually carries their bag, but when it comes to it, it's usually Genevieve using the items, such as seeds, wands, and others, like spikes.


  • Tari is generally there for support, using thunder wave and other moves to assist in battle, and can outspend most others. She doesn't get along with any of the others as well though.


  • The youngest member is a real violent fellow. The weakest, but also the last one you'd want at your throat. He loves gore and death.


  • As the newest member, Lon is pretty unfamiliar to the team, but a useful addition nonetheless.


  • Team Centia is the largest team in the Earth Guild, with five members. This doesn't make them the strongest team, though.
  • Until Lon'qu's recruitment, Centia was comprised entirely of Hoenn Pokemon.