Ranks: Edit

Fledgling Rank:-Requirements: Never fight, low level, and also extremely weak.

Normal Rank:-Requirements: Mild fighting, low level, and sightly weak.

Apprentice Rank:-Requirements: Mild fighting, intermediate level, and balanced strength.

Fighter Rank:-Requirements: Common fighting, intermediate level, and strong.

Brawler Rank:-Requirements: Common fighting, high level, and strong.

Fighting Master Rank:-Requirements: Overly common fighting, high level, and very strong. Beat 10 Brawlers.

Angel Rank:-Requirements: Reach Master rank and then beat an Angel.

Demon Rank:-Requirements: Reach Master rank and then beat an Demon.

Nephilim Rank:-Requirements: Reach both Angel and Demon Ranks.

Protector Rank:-Requirements: Reach Master rank and beat 100 of any rank Fighter+.

Royal Protector:-Requirements: Beat 15 Protectors at Protector rank.

Royalty Rank:-Requirements: Beat 10 Royal Protectors at Apprentice Rank+. Be of royal lineage.

King/Queen Rank:-Requirements: Be Royalty Rank and beat 5 Royalty Rank or be granted it by 13 Grand Royal Guards.

Grand Royal Guard:-Requirements: Reach Royal Protector and Nephilim rank or beat 30 protectors and 5 Royal protectors at Royal Protector rank. King chooses from them to be official guards.

Legendary Rank:-Requirements: Be Royal Protector+ Rank and beat a minimum of 5 legendary Pokemon. Strength will increase.

Clasher Rank:-Requirements: Be Grand Royal Guard Rank and beat 5 Grand Royal Guards and a Nephilim rank or a Angel and a Demon Rank and also survive against a fight of Seraph+ Rank. Defense will increase.

Seraph Rank:-Requirements: Be gifted by gods and beat 10 Grand Royal Guards. Gain unholy strength and defense.

God Rank:-Requirements: Beat Arceus, Diagla, and Palkia at any rank. Gain God-like Speed Boost.

Master God Rank:-Requirements: Be God Rank and defeat every known legendary Pokemon. Gain Unholy all stats boost.

Babel Rank:-Requirements: Defeat 721 different types of Pokemon. Master God Rank+. Gain the ability of Creation.