Silko Edit

Silko is a normal Cinccino that wears white gloves and a white utility belt. She is a very skilled bounty hunter and marksman, who uses a dart rifle. She acts serious at times when on missions or doing dangerous stuff but when she's not she acts like a normal girl would. She uses many methods to get her way including flirting, threatening, and sometimes torture if she gets forced to. She also refuses to go on missions to do crazy things such as killing high ranking officials but will hunt down criminals. She finds Victor to be both funny and cute and may have feelings for him. Age: 16

Victor Edit

Victor is a normal Emolga that wears a black and yellow police uniform along with a black utility belt. He can usually be found hunting down and trying to arrest Silko, but most of the time he fails due to him being seduced by her. He is skilled in hand to hand combat along with basic sword fighting and detective work. He finds Silko to be manipulative and evil, but he may have feeling for her as well. Age: 16