Shadow is a 16-year-old Zorua, two years older than his partner.  He sometimes wears his black silk like a scarf, but usually he keeps it in the bag. LV35


Sapphire- Shadow's partner and his team leader, Sapphire is Shadow's main training partner and one of his best friends.

Valohenki- Shadow's other teammate is Valohenki, a bisexual Kirlia that has tried to make out with Shadow before.  Shadow has knocked the higher level Kirlia unconscious before, and should have no problem doing it again.  However, Valohenki does have a tendency to interrupt Shadow, call him by the nickname "Fox" (which Shadow hates), and teleport Shadow away so that Valohenki can have time alone with someone (Usually Vivi).

Vivi- Vivi's brother, Corma, has falsely shipped them before.  Shadow has no real feelings for Vivi in this way.

Shadow's family- Although they have not been actually introduced yet, Shadow does send and recieve letters and packages to and from his family.  His mother is a Zoroark that is fired from whatever job she has a lot, his father is an Absol who has the same problems, and his adopted brother is a Vulpix.


Shadow is a calm, usually controlled Zorua.  On the contrary, he is on-edge and quick to fight when Valohenki or alcohol (especially both) is around.  He will fiercely fight to defend almost any of his guildmates.

Trivia/Random FactsEdit

- Shadow's hatching day is Valentine's Day.

- Shadow never uses contractions in speech or writing.  Never ever.

- Shadow likes to make makeshift weapons with items. However, these usually cost more items than what they are worth. Still, they are kinda cool-ish.