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This is a list of some of the creations Scourge has made.

Nightfall Armor- A small set of armor consisting of a pitch black vest with the words "S-Tech" on the back. And a pair of gauntlets that are both black and purple. The left hand gauntlet can shoot out a grappling hook while the right hand gauntlet can shoot out a small needle like gas capsule that's filled with toxic gas. On impact, the capsule's back side will open and will began releasing the gas. Any pokemon that inhales the gas will pass out if they inhale too much of it.

Tracker Drone L- An RC 4 wheeled drone that has a camera and a blast seed C4 strapped onto it. The camera allows for the user to see where the drone is going and if the drone is picked up or surrounded by hostile pokemon, it can simply self destruct.

Tracker Drone A- An RC quadcopter drone that is the same as the Tracker drone L except it is made to go into the air. Instead of having a blast seed C4 it has a small needle cannon attached to the bottom of it so it can fire needles at targets. It can hold up to 10 needles at a time.

Sea Raider and Aqua Knight- Scalchop swords created for Scourge's partner Aqua. 1 is a cutlass and 1 is a longsword.

Foxtrot- A Zorua drone that Scourge created, it is powered by a One-Shot orb that was charged up by a Thunder attack. It has a panel on it's back that can be unscrewed and opened. This panel is where the One-Shot orb is located along with 2 other slots around it. These slots are where other orbs can be placed to change Foxtrot's ability's. Even though Foxtrot has an AI, it cannot talk. Ex: Put a radar orb in 1 of the slots and Foxtrot will let off a pulse every 30 seconds, revealing enemies.

Orb Launcher- A handheld spring loaded cannon that can fired orbs at enemies from far away.