Sapphire is a relatively normal Riolu with a rather harsh past.  She is 14, about two years younger than her partner. Sapphire also has a claw-mark scar across her face, upward diagonal from the viewer's right to left. LV35


Ruby- Ruby is Sapphire's sister that she loves and adores, despite the fact that Sapphire was scarred by one of Ruby's outbreaks.  Sapphire does not yet know that Ruby is a demon.

Vivi- A friend of Sapphire's, even though they don't do much together very often.  They jokingly call eachother cousins.

Shadow- Sapphire's faithful partner, even though Shadow does not always agree with Sapphire.  Shadow will risk his safety for Sapphire if it comes to it.  Actually, he would risk his safety for almost any guild member.

Valohenki- Another of Sapphire's teammates, Valohenki has tried to make out with Sapphire before (but thankfully, Sapphire didn't let him).  Sapphire is not afraid to inflict the same punishment on Valohenki as she does Crass.  She does see Valohenki as a friend, however.

Crass- Crass loves Sapphire, and Sapphire loves Crass.  However, Sapphire does not show her affection and inflicts physical harm on Crass whenever he makes a dirty joke.


Sapphire has a temper that can easily be lost, but unlike her sister, she will not try to actually kill anyone in a fit of rage.  However, when she is feeling calmer, she is pretty casual and laid-back.  Alcohol is practically a love potion for Sapphy.

Trivia/Random FactsEdit

- Sapphire usually is the one/one of the ones who brings beer to parties at the guild.

- Sapphire thinks fighting is fun, and she enjoys hurting others physically.

-This does not make Sapphire evil.

- Sapphire and Ruby both know Focus Blast