Welcome to the Pokemon Explorers of Earth Wiki!Edit

To anyone who finds this wiki and has no clue what this is for well this was made solely for the purpose to keep track of characters, information, and other stuff that has to do with a ROBLOX pokemon mystery dungeon roleplay group. We just thought this would be fun so we made it.

Okay, now for the serious stuff. The kind of information kept here will be characters and their status plus more information, things about the countries, and additional information that we'll put in. Feel free to add anything that would make sense for this wiki!

This should be the descriptionEdit

Not completely sure what to put as the description... uhhh.... only people that will ever find this should be the group members...? If you find this and you aren't then congratulation have a cookie. By the way here's some links to the important stuff Character Owners Earth Guild PEoE Rules

To be added list Edit

A nice handy list for peepz to take notes as to what they want to complete for the wiki.


Doom- Back from the abyss with sage advice.


Kit- Complete Ruby page, add more relationships for Sapphire and Shadow, draw illustrations for own characters

WhiteWolfHarmany246- All my other characters to be added along with page edits.

Minor- Need to update a lot. Last update was back before I had most of my characters ~3~

Plat- Add anything.

POKE- Update anything I possibly can to help improve the understanding of my characters.


Weege- Add bio for Blossom and Leiko. And possibly draw Lon'qu

Blue- Add my characters pages, draw some of them, and post some item pages to add Magnigates or other things like how to revive Pokemon fossils.

Latest activity Edit

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