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Pixel is a naturally coloured female Vulpix around the age of 14. Level 20. She likes to adventure but gives little attention to the possible death warnings. She's protective of pokemon that she's close to, especially her sister, Pix. Pixel has this strange eye condition that never gets mentioned, only ever mentioned when she was first introduced. That eye condition's existence is forgotten now and doesn't matter at all.

Relationships Edit

Pix Edit

Pixel loves her sister very much and would die for her. She helped Pix get over her fear of what other pokemon think about her appearance even though Graylight and Ocean did most of that. Pix is the last family member Pixel likes and trusts since they ran away together after witnessing one of her parents kill the other.

Ocean Edit

Pixel likes the Vaporeon quite a bit for letting her and her sister stay with her and how she didn't dislike how Pix looked and accepted her. The two have a fairly good bond.

Graylight Edit

Pixel likes Graylight as much as Ocean. She likes how he accepted Pixel into the group and is her best friend. She wants to find the pokemon that murdered his parents even if they were murderers.

Ruest Edit

The two just met recently and are okay with each other, but before they met she wanted to know if Ruest killed Graylight's parents. She never asked him the question yet but plans to and hopes to find out soon.

Flamethrower Edit

Pixel met Flamethrower after finding out he was stalking her for a few days. The two soon became friends and are quite close. Pixel finds him a little strange but otherwise he's okay.

Spirit(Zorua) Edit

Pixel liked the baby Zorua a lot. She found him okay and liked to watch her sister teach him new things.

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  • Pixel and Pix came from the Hidden Country.