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Malak is another strange subconscious of Grim. It was given by a strange egg he found one faithful day in ruins. It apparently cancels out the darker part of Grim, Mot. Malak has a strong amount of care and love for many people and wishes mercy over death. Malak will always compliment how Grim is always a Frisky child and says despite the evil in him he should rather enjoy life. Malak later hatched and she turned out to be a Cresselia. She has many abilities while still somewhat young. After a rogue spirit tried to kill her, Mala grew stronger. After Grim died, Malak devoted herself to training. She eventually reached adulthood and is now known as Mala Tes Le Malak. Currently level 55.

Fun Facts Edit

Malak was found in undiscovered Ruins near the town.

Malak means Angel in Arabic.