Description Edit

Lon'qu(Yes, I based him off of a FE character lol) is a 16 year old Vulpix who strives to become a better Pokemon for himself and everyone around him. He looks like an average Vulpix except with an extra tail and bright amber eyes. He wears a teal/aquamarine colored scarf around his neck.

He is a member of Team Centia, as their newest recruit.

Level is 40 currently. (Will update as time passes.)

Personality Edit

He's somewhat calm at times, but can feel nervous when around a large group of people. He also isn't as social, so he has trouble talking to Pokemon. However, he grows more comfortable around his friends.

Relationships Edit

Corma- 'Huh... i'm not that sure what to think of him, but he seems like a nice, friendly guy I guess.

Patch- 'I don't even want to think of you, to be honest...'

Tari- 'She seems okay, I guess. She's ... 'somewhat' nice, but also kind of quiet. Seems distant compared to others.'