A summary of the story arcs of Jay's characters in the RP. More to be added as time goes on.

Focused on-

And other characters that don't belong to her or Luigi.

Completed/Ongoing ArcsEdit

New Trainees ArcEdit

Vivi the Torchic and Corma the Poochyena join the guild. New friends an adventures await, and they begin a new and exciting journey! But behind the scenes, a powerful thief and murderer begins a plan...

Important plot events-

  • Genevieve and Corma join the Earth Guild in Terra Town.
  • Genevieve meets and befriends Ruby, Sapphire, Valohenki, Crass, Chio, Grim, and Ace.
  • Sock the Eelektross and Papyrus begin plans against the guild.
  • Genevieve believes herself to be expecting an egg of which Valohenki is the father.

((This Arc is very short.))

Shadows of Beginnings ArcEdit

A new Pokemon reveals herself to the world, unaware of what exactly they are... Meanwhile a dark angel lays siege to the Earth Guild!

Important plot events-

  • Nightshade joins the Guild.
  • Vivi partakes in the tournament.
  • Nightshade faces off against Luna and loses.
  • Torterra dies.
  • Vivi evolves near the beginning of the arc.
  • At the end Socket is killed in a duel by Vivi and Corma

Joltik ArcEdit

New friends and foes are made, but which are which? Who could possibly know for certain?

Important Plot Events-

  • Tari and Patch are introduced, and recruited into Team Centia.
  • Lon'qu joins the team as well, later on.
  • Vivi discovers that she is Ruby and Sapphire's cousin, and Crass's sister.
  • Orochi is introduced as a villain, preparing to strike down his foes with his magnificent power.
  • Vivi meets Sear, and Tidus, her other family members, and witnesses the death of her biological parents only after meeting them.
  • Vivi leaves Valohenki, at least for the time being.
  • Orochi is discovered and battled for the first time by Team Centia and other allies in the Earth Guild.
  • The group prepares for June 6th.

Hell's Opening ArcEdit

The due date of earth's demise draws near and not everybody is safe from the carnage. Who lives and who dies?

((Arc is ongoing. More info later.))

Future ArcsEdit

Desolate Earth ArcEdit

Hope ArcEdit

Encagement ArcEdit

Hellfire ArcEdit