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Graylight is a natural coloured male Eevee around the age of seven or eight. Level 12. He's the son of two murderers, Brightlight and Darklight but isn't blood-thirsty like they were and is cheerful ad curious. He wears one of the Heart Stone necklaces thinking that it was a present from his parents but it was just dropped by Power.

Relationships Edit

Brightlight and Darklight Edit

He loved his mother and father very much. Him being around his mother brought back sanity to her whenever he was around. His father hardly even cared for him but Graylight never noticed or cared about that. He misses them both and still wonders to this day who exactly killed them.

Ocean Edit

Graylight loves the Vaporeon very much. He likes Ocean since she kind of reminds him of his mother. He likes how she's kind and protects everyone in the pond group.

Ruest Edit

Graylight likes to think of Ruest as a big brother. Ruest was the only other pokemon in Heart's Organization that he talked to along with Brightlight, Darklight, and Ocean. Graylight still looks up to the Jolteon to this day.

Pix Edit

Graylight met Pix when her and her sister Pixel found the pond and the pond group began to form. Graylight didn't understand why Pix thought he was weird when they met because he'd talk to the air which in reality were his spirit form parents that were only visible to him, and still doesn't to this day. The two are best friends now and do almost everything together. Graylight also thinks her mutation is cool and cute.

Pixel Edit

Graylight likes Pixel a lot. He likes to play with her and hear about the adventures she had when Flamethrower and her visit the pond. Graylight hopes to go to the Hidden Country which is a country that Pixel told him about, also her home country.

Flamethrower Edit

Graylight likes the Fennekin a little bit. He likes to play with Flamethrower, mainly the fluffy ears.

Spirit(Zorua) Edit

Graylight likes to think of Spirit as a younger brother. Graylight likes to teach the little Zorua new things and help take care of him when Spirit is dropped off at the pond to be babysat by Ocean.

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Random facts Edit

  • Graylight was named by shadowkyuubi66.
  • Graylight is the current holder of the Normal Heart Stone. If Pix were to get a hold of the Fire Heart Stone the two would be able to activate the others Heart Stone powers.