This is a fan/fake Pokemon variant.


Jorunna Goodra is a shorter and slightly chubbier variant of a Goodra than its traditional form. It's body is fluffy and a pure milky white color. Its eyes are chocolate brown, and on its slimy-fur are many brown specs that color it.

On its head are two ponytail-like growths that stand more upright than a tradional Goodra's, and are brown, resembling bunny ears as well.

On its back is a growth of brown seaweed-like tentacles. This variant of Goodra is very rare, called the swamp bunny. They are very cute and friendly in general cases.

Notable Jorunna GoodrasEdit

None at the moment.


  • Jorunna Goodra is based off of a sea slug of the same name, Jorunna Parva.