Description Edit

Garnet is a charmeleon with a garnet colored body and black spots on her tail, and back, and her tummy to her bottom tail is a dark cream color. Her tail fire glows bright red with some hints of blue in it. She has a bandana the color of the sky. She is skinner than most charmeleons with a little bit longer limbs, a longer horn on her head, and thanks to that, has some better balance and can run on all fours better. Her mega stone is on one of the end ribbons of her bandana.

Personality Edit

Garnet is a shy Charmeleon, that when made fun of is not ashamed to stand up for herself or her friends. Battling takes the shyness away from her, and she strives to become a great battler. She got very sick at a point in time when some crystals were stolen. The stealing made her very afraid of others, as the stealer attacked her in order to steal the crystals.