Description Edit

Ferucal(Fur-oo-cal) is a naturally coloured female Mightyena around the age of 14 or 15. Level 16. She wears bracelets weaved out of colourful feathers on her ankles and behind her ears since she likes colourful things. Ferucal is a kind pokemon from the Veroyn Village though she lives in underground rooms in a stone tower nearby the village. Something that makes communication with almost impossible is that she doesn't speak any other language than the one she speaks which only exists in her now abandoned village, Veroian.

Relationships Edit

As of this moment Ferucal doesn't have any relationships with anyone.

History Edit

Ferucal's past is pretty normal, she lived with her grandfather, Calaw, in his house in the Veroyn Village. When she turned 12 she was taken hostage by some pokemon and trapped in the stone tower near Veroyn Village. Ferucal never got out until she was 14 and when she returned she found that only her grandfather was left since everyone else was killed. Her grandfather then died not long after from age.

Random Facts Edit

  • Ferucal's name is made up of three Veroian words, Ferre Ui Calaw, or Fear the wolf.
  • Ferucal's language Veroyn is completely made up so posts where Ferucal decides to speak may take longer since there may be a word or two that her RPer needs to translate into Veroian still.