History Edit

Dark Lexi comes from another dimension, where she was accidentally created from anger and sadness, combined with some of Zen's power. She now roams this universe, sucking up power. For what? No one knows, not even herself. But she had absorbed ton's of power, even from pokemon such as Wrath, Orochi, and Verum. She is also knows as UB-07 Shadow

Personality Edit

Dark Lexi has a very....well....dark personality, and can sometimes be considered a deva. She can be considered a friend a Zen's, but aside from him she doesn't like anyone else, but will at least speak to Windia, Laster, and Chack. She also will speak to anyone that seems to know who she is.

Abilities Edit

Morphing- Dark Lexi can morph into any pokemon she wants, and will become them, while addign the prefix "Dark" in front of their name.

Power obsorbing/sapping- Dark Lexi can tap into anyone's power, no mater how strong or how weak, and leech it from them. She can also absorb alot of attack's, when she's formless, and she also can obsorb negative feeling, such as anger, disgust, hate, ect.

Stealing abilities- Dark Lexi also get's the abilities of the pokemon she morphs into.