Crystards Edit

Crystards a race of powerful beings, not much is known about them because most of them died during the 6th and there are very few left. so far we know they can quickly regenerate parts of their bodies that are injured, and that they're powerful. Crystards were originally lazy and happy pokemon that lived in peace, with absolutely no fighting, despite their power. There was one large hidden village of Crystards, and thier current leader was Bismuth.Then the 6th came, and demons found and destroyed their village, with only a very few Crystards escape their death and destruction. The only two currently known to be alive, Bismuth and Amethyst, seem to fight alot after the event's of the 6th, and are mistaken for demons sometimes.

Known Crystards Edit

Bismuth: Bismuth is a very powerful tangrowth, able to take down alot of members of the wave guild single handedly, and destroying some of the guild himself. He was the leader of the Crystard Village before the 6th.

Amethyst: Amethyst is Bismuth's daughter, she does what he tells him to do, which mainly involves fighting against her will. Amethyst is a whimsicott.