History Edit

Bismuth is a Crystard, Crystards are powerful beings with fast generation, but not much else it known about thier abilities. Bismuth's used to live in a small community of peaceful Crystards, everyone there was happy and didn't have a care in the world. Bismuth was only about 7 when the 6th came. his home was destroyed, and most of the Crystards there were wiped out becuase they didn't know how to fight despite thier power. Bismuths happy personality changed after that. he spent every second of every day punching and destroying boulders, grieving over what he had lost. until he found another Crystard, Rose. the two soon fell in-love and had a child named Ametheyst. all was well, and Bismuth grew stronger and stronger in power. Rose eventually died, after being attacked by some graveler. Bismuth was very upset over this, and tracked down the gravler to being connected to one of the guild. Bismuth didn't kill him, becuase that would jeopardize other innocent pokemon in the guild. he then decided to live in Terra town with his duaghter and trained everyday to make sure she was safe. then on the day Annabelle held the court case, Bismuth had overheard about it. there are multiple murderer's all inside the guild, and Annabelle couldn't put them all away. Thus for the sake of anyone else having to suffer the same fate as him, he vowed to destroy all the guilds, and if he happened to hurt any of the good people while hurting the bad, so be it.

Personality Edit

Bismuth used to be a very cheerful person, now he is pretty grim, and doesn't like to talk much. he obsesses over certain things, and is very determined to do what he needs to do in order for the sake of everyone else, or that's what he thinks. He loves his daughter Amethyst, but lately lat hasn't been able to be much of a father figure to to focusing on his goal. Bismuth is also a comeplete powerhouse, taking most attacks without even flinching. Because of this he underestimates alot of opponents.

Relationships Edit

Amethyst: Amethyst is Bismuth child, and the only one he really trust.