Description Edit

Aqua is a male, 14 year old Oshawott with a mysterious past(will reveal in due time). He wears a sapphire colored bandanna on his head, along with a same colored scarf on his neck. Both are the same color as his tail, and has purple tinted eyes.


Now, he's a Dewott, after the timeskip anyways. Still wears his signature bandanna and scarf, and has those odd magenta eyes.

(As of now, He's currently level 81, Team Covenant and teammate with Scourge.)

(Drawing by me of when he was an Oshawott, is now currently Dewott.)

Personality Edit

Aqua has an outgoing, calm, and optimistic personality. He enjoys making friends, battling, and striving to do what he can. Doesn't get upset easily, but can get serious at times. 

Relationships Edit

Scourge the Zorua- He's a great companion. Smart, and quick-thinking, along with being a reliable and powerful fighter. He's pretty quiet, though...